20 minutes

Clients ask how I capture so many special moments in such a short amount of time.

Many of you have all day (or all weekend), week after week, year after year… to catch a great shot of your children.  You have the opportunity to capture all their moods, backgrounds, outfits and accomplishments.  They know you, you know them… you better be able to get something.

I have 20 minutes, all in conditions that are new and with people I have just met.  SO, how do I do it?  Some part of it is experience.  I have been doing this since 2008 and my focus has been on families and young children.    Later this year I will have completed 600 family photo shots and that feels like an amazing milestone.  All of these sessions have taught me how to move and anticipate, when to abandon a concept and embrace candid moments.  I work to set up good angles and lighting but all and all, the goal is to capture honest emotions.  Sometimes that means breakdowns and sometimes, joyous smiles.

I am authentic.  I don’t copy other photographers work and my expectations are realistic.

I work with parents as part of my team. They are given some basic instructions for success and together we get after it.  Being on the same page helps it all come together.  My clients are inspiring.

Success is also strategy.  I move sites often.  I do not over pose and I do not force a shot.  I put the families in the best light I can find and then see what happens.

I am up beat and easy going but I also encourage the kids to be mature at times and take on some “big boy” moments like standing on their own or listening.

Hope to see you at a session sometime soon!

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