3 snakes and a bee

Being six years old can mean a lot of things. It might mean that you have lots of stories to share with the world.  It might mean that you have outgrown he playground.  OR, it might mean that you have figured out what you do and do not like to see when out in nature.  If those things are bees and/or snakes, this spot would have been a challenge for you.  We saw our first snake at foot as we were walking to our first photo spot.  A bee at the bench, then another larger snake was we walked back to the trail.  At the end of the shoot, right around where you see the photos with the bridge, we encountered a snake tamer (or torturer).  He walked his dog back and forth along the lake while holding a snake on s stick for all to see.  Not ideal for those of us who like to leave animals in their place, and who were trying to forget about the snakes in the first place.  BUT, we did our best and still managed to have fun at the session at this very special spot in Lakewood.



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