A true Patriarch

These photos are my favorite.  If you have been to more than one of my photo sessions you might have been apart of this kind of shot.  It can start out awkward and make a quick turn to awesome if people allow for it.  In this case this happened and I could not be happier with the series of images that resulted.

This family is special.  They have merged and evolved over decades to form a solid family union.  Their upbeat attitudes and “family first” bond sets a standard to be reckoned with.  They count their blessing, fight for their happiness and celebrate each other as best they can.  The top of this family tree is a true character and he was the reason I was asked to come.  As he takes on altimeters, his extended family and wife of 48 years (gasp!), stands beside with grace and perseverance.

Thanks you for having me there to capture just a small moment in your lives.



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