Act like its warm, and other things we say to kids

They can’t really do it and that is what we should love about them.  Kids don’t fake it.  Happy, they show happy.  Unhappy, that shows to.  Uncomfortable, yep, the camera can see it.  Tired, can’t hide that.  It is one of the many reasons I choose to photograph children.  It is refreshing to have that sort of honesty.

“Pretend its warm!”  No, they will just break down or at best, fake smile with blue lips.  If I can give families one piece of advice for photo shoots during the unpredictable transition seasons (winter-spring, fall-winter), it is to be ready with layers.

This adorable family was ready and we moved through our spring season with ease.  The two year old had a full range of emotions and made the shoot entertaining by showed her charming two year old-ness, as well she should.  I captured all if it.  Her older brother enjoyed playing with Dad and cuddling up with Mom, he was feeling pretty good because it was his birthday.  Thanks again to the M family for having be there to document a small moment of your life.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 720.560.1611

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