April + Rich + Ellie Marie

Rich met April, they dated, laughed, drank, biked, camped, married and moved.Soon they began rockin’ it in their careers, developed strong bonds with friends that became like family and the happiness that followed suited them.   THEN came Ellie Marie… and, suddenly they had the icing on the cake.  I might have made up the order of events but the end product is the same.  Ellie is gorgeous and sweet.  Her parents are genuine and inspiring.  Talk to any one of them and you will walk away thinking, and smiling.  I hope you get to meet this crew.  This is a true family and this little one is a real blessing.


photo shoot is starting, sleepy game face is on… lets do this!



Early patty cake, she might be under a month old but I think she nailed this game.
No safer place, and better sense of scale, than in Dad’s hands.
thinking about sleeping, or pooping… or wondering why I am so close.  We’ll never know.
Letting those toes wiggle and feet move seems to relax these newbies… and makes for a cute shot.
Even in sleep, I love startle reflex, it warms my heart every time.



Waving at me, hanging with mom.  Advanced moves.





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