At what age should hire a Professional Photographer for your children’s portraits?


sitting baby photo

When your child is born they are beautiful.  Life is new and their small features are untouched.  As they grow this beauty only evolves with personality, style, and charm.  Each stage of your child’s life is unique and worth documenting.  That being said, after a year the growth changes from leaps and bounds to small strides and stretches. 

For the first year of your child’s life is worth doing 3-4 part portrait packages or multiple mini photo shoots so that your little one is covered every couple months.  With the portrait shots, you can decide when and where these shoots happen.  Do your first phtooshot within the first 10 days of the child’s life and then about every 3 months.  

Signs that your baby is ready for their second portrait shoot:

  • They can hold their head up
  • They can track you around the room
  • Their newborn skin has cleared up 
  • They are not yet walking or crawling 
  • They have a few outfits to wear during the shoot!

You can also keep on coming with your toddler.  At home you should practice:

  • Giving your toddler direction on where to stand
  • holding a pose for about 10 seconds, hopefully less at shoot time but this is good to try
  • saying words that end in a Y for the photos (like silly, happy, funny)
  • big fake laughs

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