Bigger Better More Expensive…

There is always something you “should” be buying.  In photography it seems there are more  intriguing odds and ends than a person can imagine.  Some of it is just a gimmick for beginners.  Most of it is really unnecessary, really.  A filter for when you are shooting in desert conditions, do you need that?  Not likely.  A backpack that allows you to hold 6 lenses at once, do you even want that weight on your back?  I doubt it.  Other products really suck you in and make you wish you had a few grand just sitting around waiting to be spent.  Whether it is a camera body that will allow you a few extra megapixels or a flash that will light up a stadium, none of it has value unless you understand why you need it.  I do not shoot professional sports so my shutterspeed does not need to be the fastest in the world   I can catch a bride, I can catch a child.  I have no need for 3 extra megapixels because I am not shooting images that end up on billboards in time square.  Most “upgrades” are really just expensive.  Do your research, buy your perfect camera.  

The next best thing?
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