The evolution of a Logo

None of us really know what we are doing.  I am not a writer or an accountant but I do my best at both.  Most photographers learn whileView full post »

Why I want you to do Mothers Day Mini Shoot

I became a photographer for a lot of reasons but the number one reason is because it is important.  Our memories are defined by images.View full post »

Take Better Pictures of Your Kids

Better Pictures of Your Kids Thursday Class: April 21st from 7:00-8:00 p.m. + Field Trip Sunday April 24th 3:00 p.m.   $125 Class:View full post »

Photo of the Day – 365 Project

I am hoping to show images and moments I would not normally share on Rendition Studios.  I want to challenge myself to keep looking forView full post »

Food photography

Photographing food and drinks is not as easy as you would think.  You need timing, control, and a detail oriented attitude.  If theView full post »

Family Portraits

I take family portraits how I would like them taken of me.  I like watching families interact and I think it is important for theView full post »

My Background, my style

After earning my bachelors degree in Environmental Design and working for almost a decade in the design business, I became a ProfessionalView full post »

Opening Slideshow

2011, A little bit of everything I do at Rendition Studios (wait for it to load). #gallery-1 { margin:View full post »

Challenging Photo shoot Conditions

Whether it is a Portrait Shoot or a Mini Shoot, my style is to roll with whatever happens and make the best of the conditions are presentView full post »


When photographing children, babies in particular, there are a few things I aim for to make the shoot a success.  You will need to quicklyView full post »

The Importance of a Project

I love the 365 day Project.  It is as complicated as you make it.  You can share your images on Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, orView full post »

What defines a Successful Photo Shoot?

I don’t always focus on getting your child to smile.  They will smile at some point because more than likely, you as the parent willView full post »

What to Wear: How to Dress for Family Pictures

THIS IS NOT MY ARTICLE BUT I THINK IT IS GREAT! What to Wear: How to Dress for Family Pictures June 15th, 2010 What to Wear {Part 5:View full post »

Every family is Different

Every shoot is different, as is every family.   While I have things I do to make our time together go smoothly and to ensure that I willView full post »

What Drives You?

I like to take pictures.  My background as an Architect and Urban planner taught me to appreciate spaces, composition on a grand scale,View full post »

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