Becoming a Better Photographer

There are many things I have done in the last few years to improve my photography skills and most of it is not in a classroom.  All andView full post »

Head Shots

I often see people who pass out marketing material that is contrary to their messages.  Recently I met a woman marketing fitness andView full post »

Family Portraits

Families look for so much more than they used to when taking portraits.   When I was a kid the thought of having a professionalView full post »

Why do we tilt the camera?

When photographers tilt the lens it can be very cool or very annoying.  I do it and I don’t.  I used to do it more than I should andView full post »

Simple tricks for taking good pictures of your family

There are many things we can all do better when taking family photographs.  These images end up in slideshows, printed and hung on walls,View full post »


I hope this is obvious but I am going to just say it.  It really does make my job much easier if you love each other.  Whether it is kidsView full post »


I want to know as much as I can about your wedding day.  I want to know the names of the people in your party, the important people in theView full post »

Wedding in the French Quarter, New Orleans

I may not be your first date, kiss or love…but I want to be your last everything. THIS was my first wedding.  In New Orleans,View full post »

new orleans wedding photography


  When looking for a place to celebrate your wedding there are so many things to consider.  Everyone will have an opinion on what detailsView full post »

The Power of Processing

It always helps to start out with a good looking model, but beyond that there are many things that can help make a picture stand out.View full post »

Wedding Photography

All brides are beautiful, all grooms are charming.  Of all the characteristics, there is only one that really matters.  When I show up toView full post »

USAFA Wedding Rehearsal

Originally uploaded by Rendition Studios Sometimes when the lighting and tricky and there are challenging shots everywhere, I have to stepView full post »

To Dog or not to Dog

  When someone books a family portrait I always have to ask what that means.  Family is a confusing word and it meansView full post »

Wedding at Ryssby

JJEdstrom_photoboook_201013 Originally uploaded by Rendition Studios When I had the opportunity to photograph Jessica and JonView full post »

The essence of successful Real Estate Photography

It takes quite a few shots to create a memorable image.  In Real Estate photography you need to create more than that, the image needs toView full post »

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