Why I am a Photographer

I recently had a friend tell me she was leaving the art world to do something more meaningful.  The statement caught me off guard and madeView full post »

first gondola ride in vail

Before and after

This little beauty was taking her first ride on the gondola.  The duration was about 10 minutes and I am sure she will remember it takingView full post »

What are you paying for?

Sitting Fees can be confusing and Photography pricing can seem expensive if you do not understand the process. A professional on-locationView full post »

Catching the moment with challenging lighting

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a shoot, not knowing your camera is one of them. I have shot with people who accidentallyView full post »

family photo

Where to do your baby’s shoot

When your child is little (meaning always!) the most important thing for a photographer is that the child is comfortable with theirView full post »

At what age should hire a Professional Photographer for your children’s portraits?

When your child is born they are beautiful.  Life is new and their small features are untouched.  As they grow this beauty only evolvesView full post »

When the Little ones cry

Baby Portrait Shoot days can be a little hectic.  Babies do not work on schedules the way you and I do, they choose to be awake or in aView full post »

New Born Shoots

Shooting newborns can involve some interesting challenges.   For one, you should not use a flash.  A new baby is sensitive to light andView full post »

Photographing Children

There are many challenges and opportunities in shooting little ones.  When they learn to walk and ask for things, the game changes.  ThatView full post »

Accidental Beauty

You can’t always plan it.  When someone lets their inner self shine it is not something that you as the photographer can control.View full post »


Each one has their opinion on what is best.  Whether you listen to them because they have done this for decades or because they are a topView full post »

Why not hire Uncle Bob?

While “Uncle Bob” can take the same picture but what makes it different than a professional photographer?  If you were to putView full post »

girls photos

What We All Need

Everyone needs great photography.  Our memories are based on what we have captured through a lens and our personal marketing is oftenView full post »

The Lighting Dilemma

It is the most complicated part of shooting.  Posing can be a challenge for many but overall we can all do it to some extent.  BeingView full post »

Wedding Party – Group Portraits

{Photography Tips and Observations} When photographing a bridal party it is important to stay focused and get things moving. While ofView full post »

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