I am obviously not an avoid blogger.  I post on facebook, pinterest, link to twitter and linkedIn… update my website galleries and the website itself.  Somehow that does not leave me much time to post wordy updates on where I am and what I have been doing.  I admire those who do this regularly so it should be a New Years Resolution for my business…. but, lets be honest.  If you know me through a friend of yours, I am hoping they tell you what I am all about.  If you are wanting to talk wedding with me, I am hoping you want to meet in person, share a few drinks, and talk about what you want from your photography.  If you leave thinking we will be a good fit, that is the goal.So, lets leave it at that.  I will update this when I can.  Take it as it is and enjoy.  If you really want to get to know me, cruise around the many websites I manage and look at the photography I am so proud of.  Then you will get the idea.  I am a photographer, not a writer.


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