Bryce and his Rice Cakes

So many of my sessions are a whirlwind and last night was no exception.  I first met this crew when I photographed Codi, Chris, and Bryce at their Denver home shortly after Bryce was born.  It was a cold day and we still forced ourselves outside for a few shots at the end of our session.   Since then I have met Codi’s family and done a few sessions focused on the ever changing Bryce.  He now has some tiny teeth he is pretty proud of.  He also loves puppies, showing off his clapping skills, and giving you random things he finds on the ground.  Bryce is clearly a sweet boy and for some reason things to work out when all we meet up.  Last night the rain started only as I was getting into my car to leave our shoot.  SO, the light was perfect from many angles which was great because Bryce was in no mood to let us determine the backgrounds he would be photographed in.We met downtown and quickly moved from rocks to grasses to bridges… Bryce was itching for some action and keeping him moving was our goal.  At one point we thought about getting photos near the pond, then little B decided he needed to be really close to the water so we moved along to keep him safe and dry.  Stay in any location too long and a toddler starts to realize the crazy lady with the camera is focused on them and they are no longer into it.  Lucky for Bryce he has two parents who clearly love him and came prepared for momentary tests of will.  The saving grace of the night seemed to be the Rice Cakes.  Who knew?


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