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Why backlit portraits make sense

I shoot outdoors, all day, year round, in one of the sunniest states around.  As a result, there are few ways of shooting I have adopted toView full post »

Why I make you do the child’s posing

Short of doing a Day in the life (OR lifestyle) photo shoot session… my favorite candid shots are caught in between poses.  Kids areView full post »

Take a little time for editing

While photo editing used to be a controversial subject, it is now commonplace.  Whether it is a simple edit to remove a stray hair fromView full post »

Site Scouting

I scout photo shoot locations year round.  I look for dynamic light and shadow potential.   I aim for locations where I can positionView full post »

Hashtag, what!

I am just old enough that hashtags don’t really make any sense to me.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and many other socialView full post »

The truth about Cloudy Days

My new photography clients often aim for a sunny, bright, blue sky photography day.  They seem disappointed when the day is overcast.View full post »

First time is the charm {family photography}

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”  – Ansel Adams I have always loved the simplicity of that quote, and theView full post »

Broncos jerseys, Flip tips and eating things on site

Photo shoot sessions with young children CAN be tricky.  They like to wander off, eat things from the ground and cry when they do not getView full post »


I work from home so I have to battle distractions all day long, good and bad.  The dogs bark at the world passing by from their windowView full post »

Gallery Layout

I have been at this photo biz for a long time.  I have seen facebook come and go, then come and fade again… Pinterest build in powerView full post »

A little processing for a special pop

A little about this portrait session, the editing and what we hoped to achieve with the images.View full post »

Why I shoot Nikon

The year I left Chicago and quit working as an urban planner, I went to Europe for three months.  I started the trip in Amsterdam,View full post »

Times are tough for photographers

I am posting this story from one of the professional photographer pages that I belong to.  I think it is important for everyone toView full post »

Before and After, artistic processing

Every once and awhile I will throw in an edit that allows me to flex my artistic license.  In this one below, I wanted the image to reflectView full post »

P o r f o l i o
I n s t a g r a m
T w e e t s
E m a i l   S i g n   U p