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What is Lifestyle Photography?

Photographers and artists everywhere work for distinction and try to separate themselves from the pack.  They refine their tag lines andView full post »

Getting there

I am not inspired by people who are “natural” at what they do.  While is must be amazing to be them, that seems to easy.View full post »

Lens Envy

I suffer from it.  Most photographers do.  Particularly when they are busy and feeling like something new and shiny might get it all done.View full post »

The evolution of a Logo

None of us really know what we are doing.  I am not a writer or an accountant but I do my best at both.  Most photographers learn whileView full post »

Food photography

Photographing food and drinks is not as easy as you would think.  You need timing, control, and a detail oriented attitude.  If theView full post »

The Importance of a Project

I love the 365 day Project.  It is as complicated as you make it.  You can share your images on Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, orView full post »

Becoming a Better Photographer

There are many things I have done in the last few years to improve my photography skills and most of it is not in a classroom.  All andView full post »

Family Portraits

Families look for so much more than they used to when taking portraits.   When I was a kid the thought of having a professionalView full post »

Simple tricks for taking good pictures of your family

There are many things we can all do better when taking family photographs.  These images end up in slideshows, printed and hung on walls,View full post »

The Power of Processing

It always helps to start out with a good looking model, but beyond that there are many things that can help make a picture stand out.View full post »

first gondola ride in vail

Before and after

This little beauty was taking her first ride on the gondola.  The duration was about 10 minutes and I am sure she will remember it takingView full post »

Accidental Beauty

You can’t always plan it.  When someone lets their inner self shine it is not something that you as the photographer can control.View full post »

The Lighting Dilemma

It is the most complicated part of shooting.  Posing can be a challenge for many but overall we can all do it to some extent.  BeingView full post »

Wedding Party – Group Portraits

{Photography Tips and Observations} When photographing a bridal party it is important to stay focused and get things moving. While ofView full post »

If it was easy…

There are many challenges to being a true photographer.  Lighting is one that can make an image shine and give it 3 dimensionality. WhenView full post »

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