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Why I shoot Nikon

The year I left Chicago and quit working as an urban planner, I went to Europe for three months.  I started the trip in Amsterdam,View full post »

Someone Special

I feel like it was a few months ago that I lost my mom.  Every year I say, it was just a couple years ago and every year that number grows.View full post »

How I got here

If you googled Laurie Farr in 2007 you would find four things.  The first is that I am a Chi Omega alumni.  The second is my rave reviewView full post »

The Evolving Pro

I have gone back and forth with many things as they relate to professional photography.  I am a pro, I do this for a living…View full post »

Candles to remember Julie

Every year at this time we mark the anniversary of my mothers passing by making a candle.  My family gathers together with wine, beer andView full post »

Not often a blogger

Clearly I am not on here often enough.  I do post daily to Facebook and weekly to twitter and pinterest.  So… as far as social mediaView full post »

My Dogs

Lincoln and Joker are brothers from another mother.   Their lives merged when I met Colin and soon after they were together all the time.View full post »

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Photographers and artists everywhere work for distinction and try to separate themselves from the pack.  They refine their tag lines andView full post »

Frisbies and Roof Tops

I could not have been a roofer or a professional snowboarder.  I run when I see bees.  When things fly at my head I duck before trying toView full post »

Why I want you to do Mothers Day Mini Shoot

I became a photographer for a lot of reasons but the number one reason is because it is important.  Our memories are defined by images.View full post »

My Background, my style

After earning my bachelors degree in Environmental Design and working for almost a decade in the design business, I became a ProfessionalView full post »

The Importance of a Project

I love the 365 day Project.  It is as complicated as you make it.  You can share your images on Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, orView full post »

Before it all Changes

I love to photograph Babies.  They have not learned how to fake smile or pose so that the light catches their best side.  They are notView full post »

One Good Thing about Music

Photographers spend a lot of time and money to evoke emotion when you visit their website.  They want to tug at your heartstrings.  TheyView full post »

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