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A cast of Characters

This time of year my husband and I try and get our traveling done before our busy seasons hit.  Lucky us, a lot of our family live in theView full post »

Almost never to late to edit

When to get your photo edit and how long can you waitView full post »

Detroit, a travel destination?

If you have not been to Detroit, it is hard to explain what it feels like to be there.   There is limitless potential, endlessView full post »

What a difference a day makes, Colorado SPRING mini shoots

I grew up in Colorado and even I was surprised by the dramatic weather change between last Saturday and Sunday.  When I advertised theView full post »

My friend Caroline

This little girl is special.  To start, we were nervous because we loved her brother so much it was hard to imagine there would be anotherView full post »

Why I shoot Nikon

The year I left Chicago and quit working as an urban planner, I went to Europe for three months.  I started the trip in Amsterdam,View full post »

Crossfit for a cause

There are athletes and then there are ATHLETES.  This event was the later and I was totally floored by how hard they worked, hour afterView full post »

Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Sometimes I get links to wedding photography, or it is posted online (mostly on Facebook), and the photos make me sad.  They clearly askedView full post »

Times are tough for photographers

I am posting this story from one of the professional photographer pages that I belong to.  I think it is important for everyone toView full post »

Red Thread Sessions

  I just started volunteering with this wonderful organization and I can not wait to book my firstView full post »

Photo of the Day Concept

You might wonder why the photo of the day is getting close to the end of the year before the end of the year is here.  Well, let meView full post »

Before and After, artistic processing

Every once and awhile I will throw in an edit that allows me to flex my artistic license.  In this one below, I wanted the image to reflectView full post »

Two program edit for finished look

I like to shoot at your home, in your space, with backdrops that are meaningful to you.  I hope you tell your family stories about where weView full post »


Every Monday (and sometimes Tuesday and Wednesday) I post to Pinterest.  Sometimes it is the photo of the day from the week prior,View full post »

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