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Rainy day postcard

This day started out full, pacific northwest downpours.  Only after I arrived on site did it let up.. even if only for a moment, for someView full post »

You being you

Having worked with some other wedding and family photographers around Colorado, I have realize I do a few things differently.  IView full post »

Northern California Mini Photo Shoots

This weekend I am heading to San Francisco on Saturday (10/5) for an afternoon of mini photo shoots, then Sunday (10/6) for an afternoonView full post »

Inspired Sites II Downtown alleys

Every once and awhile I come across a site that is challenging and rewarding for my clients and my photography.  The backdrops areView full post »

Someone Special

I feel like it was a few months ago that I lost my mom.  Every year I say, it was just a couple years ago and every year that number grows.View full post »

The Drive

It normally takes me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to Nederland from Denver.  Today it took me an extra half hour and I was lucky.  ThereView full post »

How I got here

If you googled Laurie Farr in 2007 you would find four things.  The first is that I am a Chi Omega alumni.  The second is my rave reviewView full post »

Print Advice

Print Advice for those of you choosing the low res option with mini shoots.If you choose the low res option, you will get files no largerView full post »

Happiest place on earth?

Something special happens here.  There is very picking, flower harvesting, tractor watching and happiness galore.  People find their soulsView full post »

Considerations when scheduling a photo shoot

There are good times to schedule a photo shoot, and there are the best times to schedule a photo shoot.The things I am think about whenView full post »

Fall AND Holiday Bookings

It has already started, wowza!  Let me know if you are hoping for a weekend, fall photo shoot.  I would love to lock it all in as soon asView full post »


I am a professional photographer,  no doubt that is who and what you are hiring.  But sometimes I wish I was also a child therapist (and aView full post »

Great day to shoot

Cloudy.  It’s a gorgeous day to be a photographer.  There is a slight wind, which is only adding to the sexy hair of the mom…View full post »

No Studio

ren·di·tion  (rÄ›n-dÄ­sh’É™n)    n.      1. the act of rendering.    2. an interpretation.    3. a performance.    4. anView full post »

What to Wear Pinterest

I have a board called “What to Wear” on Pinterest.  There are also many great examples in the portfolio on my website and onView full post »

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