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Great day to shoot

Cloudy.  It’s a gorgeous day to be a photographer.  There is a slight wind, which is only adding to the sexy hair of the mom…View full post »

No Studio

ren·di·tion  (rÄ›n-dÄ­sh’É™n)    n.      1. the act of rendering.    2. an interpretation.    3. a performance.    4. anView full post »

What to Wear Pinterest

I have a board called “What to Wear” on Pinterest.  There are also many great examples in the portfolio on my website and onView full post »

Bring Grandma to your Mini Shoots

I invite you to think out-of-the-box.When it comes to mini shoots, there’s so many options for how you can use this time.  For theView full post »

Candy I can photograph

Signing up for a mini shoot with two little ones can be a daunting task.  Especially if you are going to be there with no backup.View full post »

What to Wear in a natural, outdoor background

Knowing the background is going to be mostly yellows/browns/greens, it makes sense to wear (OPTION 1) bright colors like blues, yellows,View full post »

Editing worth While

This is an example of what I can do with an extra 7-10 minutes of time with your photograph.   Putting this on your website or using itView full post »

The Secret to Success

I listened to this great radio lab today and it inspired me.  I listen to these podcasts as I edit photos, as I walk the dog, and as IView full post »

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Photographers and artists everywhere work for distinction and try to separate themselves from the pack.  They refine their tag lines andView full post »

kids face

Help me and post your pics on social media

I don’t always post the BEST images I shoot.  Sometimes I just post a few that grab my eye and then I get editing.  Later in theView full post »

Take Better Pictures of Your Kids

Better Pictures of Your Kids Thursday Class: April 21st from 7:00-8:00 p.m. + Field Trip Sunday April 24th 3:00 p.m.   $125 Class:View full post »


When photographing children, babies in particular, there are a few things I aim for to make the shoot a success.  You will need to quicklyView full post »

What defines a Successful Photo Shoot?

I don’t always focus on getting your child to smile.  They will smile at some point because more than likely, you as the parent willView full post »

What to Wear: How to Dress for Family Pictures

THIS IS NOT MY ARTICLE BUT I THINK IT IS GREAT! What to Wear: How to Dress for Family Pictures June 15th, 2010 What to Wear {Part 5:View full post »

Every family is Different

Every shoot is different, as is every family.   While I have things I do to make our time together go smoothly and to ensure that I willView full post »

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