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I learn something new at every shoot.  Often it is about my clients, their kids, their lives, professions or about the photo shoot site itself.  Lighting, angles, backgrounds that work more effectively during different seasons or times of day.  Occasionally it about something with even more depth, and something I can embrace on a personal level.

When I started dating my husband to be, was a good golfer with a love of the game.  As things progressed with us, the freedom of my weekend work schedule and his focused work ethic, he became even better.  With that came an understanding of the technical aspects and a wondering as to why some players are so much more well equipped than others.  At first glance it seems that almost despite everything, a few “lucky” souls excel.  With discipline and the right setup, it turns out it is not so much about luck (though we all still hope for a little).  With all of our different body, types, experience levels and goals… there are options to help with club’s appropriate for YOUR game.  Makes sense, right?

Custom fitting was a term I had never heard of before my husband dove in.  Getting custom fitted for golf is parallel to getting your bike adjusted or skis set up, just for you.  Every skier does it when they first make the purchase and most keep tweaking their equipment as they advance in their sport.  You limit your potential for success without these adjustments.

This is not an expense beyond your means OR a service only for the golf experts.  It is for all who hope to enjoy the game.  Simple as that.  Who knew?!


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