Every family is Different

Every shoot is different, as is every family.   While I have things I do to make our time together go smoothly and to ensure that I will have good choices for my clients, each time is unique.  Some kiddos, like this little boy above, warm to me and my camera straight away.  I take advantage of that as best I can and start right away.  That being said, it is likely that this same child will have a break down at some point in our shoot.

I have some families want to try new things and they send me images they like before the shoot.  I love this as long as they know the images are just guides, not mandates.

Other families just let me go for it.  They have looked at my website, spent time on my Facebook page and checked out the blog.  They know what to expect and they trust that I will give them a product they are happy with.  It is a nice feeling.
All and all, I show up ready for whatever conditions exist on shoot day and I shoot.  Sometimes I bring props or a reflector, other times I just walk in with my camera.  Either way the images you get will be authentic and true to the day.  I want there to be elements of your life in the shots, whether it is the cat passing through the frame or we use a blanket that your grandmother knitted you as a backdrop.  I hope to tell a story with each click.  I do not look for “perfect”posed old school portraits.  I do not try to imitate studio work and I do not adjust and then re-adjust until everyone is looking stiff and awkward.   It is just not my style.  I set things up look through my lens for you.
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