First, second and third born


I have two awesome lab-ish mixes so when Lexi pup met me at the front door, she knew I had to be here for her.  She barked and bounded around to show me the house.  When we started the family shots on the bed, she was the first to jump up.  Only then did she realize she would have to hang back and let the focus fall on the new addition, little newborn Jake.  Lexi crawled under the bed and buried her head while we got started.  Jake loved being close to mom and Joshua was more than comfortable crawling all over dad.  We covered everything from smiles to breakdowns and time flew by.  It was a blizzard outside and the Masters played their Sunday final but we took little notice, this family was so much fun.  We even managed a full family shot, with the first born Lexi, right at the end.  Thank you for having me, I hope to see those cuties again soon.


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