First time is the charm {family photography}

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”  – Ansel Adams

I have always loved the simplicity of that quote, and the ease of that thought.  If I am just standing in the right place, it will all come together.  If only that were the case!  Many of my clients are under 4 years old, heck, most are under 2 years old, and getting a great photo is not a matter of me standing in the right place.  Especially at my mini photo shoots.  Good family photography, with young children, seems to start the moment the child wakes up that day and continues until we meet at the photoshoot.  THAT, has nothing to do with me.  Did they sleep well?  Did they have a good breakfast?  Are they comfortable in what they are wearing, especially their shoes (which the don’t likely wear very often)?  Have they gone to the bathroom?  How has this moment been explained to the child?  Are their parents in a good mood (that has a huge impact)!?  Then, just like that… the kid is in front of me and from there, it goes fast.  I want the child to know they are included and important but that they can be shy for a bit.  Right off the bat, some courageous kids want to share something with me. “I am wearing a new dress from granny!”  OR, “there is a rock in my shoe.”  Whatever, they are connecting and we can go from there.  Others take a little time to warm up and with tickles, airplanes, and swinging with mom and dad… we usually get there.

This session was done in the early winter months.  The parents told me their daughter is often shy with new people and was pretty new to the photo shoot concept so they were realistic about what could happen at the short session.  BUT, I was luck enough to connect with this cutie and as a result, we had some great fun!

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