Food photography

Photographing food and drinks is not as easy as you would think.  You need timing, control, and a detail oriented attitude.  If the lighting is wrong and the white balance is not done correctly you could end up with purple looking carrots or blue toned lettuce.  Make sure the over head lights are off!  With transparent liquids the drinks will take on the colors around them, for better or for worse.  In the photo above I used a reflector and natural light (shot indoors) and let the drink take on a little of the sunlight and reflector tone.  It still looks awesome, I took a sip right after this shot.  The tea drink was originally a more pale yellowish tone.

I like to photograph food as close to the time it is prepared as possible.  The best is obviously to coordinate with the cooks so I have it within minutes of it coming off the stove.  Drinks should not be melting or loosing their carbonation.  Cheese should look fresh and if melted, should not look like rubber.

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