Four Generations of Charm

Josie finds her way into my website slideshows quite often.  She is hard to resist.  She is a funny kid, she is a charming baby, and clearly she comes from four generations of charm.  At the start of each session she seems to be contemplating how many smiles she wants to give me.  By the end, she stops holding out and seems comfortable with me snapping away.

This session was a Saturday Mini Shoot starting from the porch of Rendition Studios.  We worked our way around to the alley for some character and urban interest in the backdrops.  In 20 minutes we had two outfit changes, many smiles, laughs, and only one instance where Josie put a UFO (unidentified foreign object) in her mouth.  I think that is a successful photo shoot!

Tire swings seem to bring out the need for vintage post processing.
Josie “holding court” and telling her crew what is what.
Hanging with CC and smiling at Mom
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