My friend Caroline

This little girl is special.  To start, we were nervous because we loved her brother so much it was hard to imagine there would be another awesome kid from the same family.  But, we quickly learned that there was and she was her own version of great.  Caroline makes me laugh when I need it most, makes me remember songs I thought I had long forgotten (sound of music anyone?), tests my patience in ways that surprised me, and broke down some “disgust” barriers that I thought were impenetrable.  I can now wipe just about any nose or butt.   When she does not know what to say she says OH or WOW and often answers “yes” before thinking about the question.  I love that.  Lincoln and Joker, my dogs, greet her warmly and have patience for her pulling and cuddling in ways I would never have imagined.  She has become one of our favorite visitors and each time she leaves we all miss her.  Caroline, aka honey buns, has been one of two wonderful children I have nannied as I built my business and my life.  I am so thankful for that.  As this commitment comes to an end, I hope it continues on as a friendship.  I want to thank Caroline for helping me understand little girls better, and forcing me to understand myself better at the same time.  The result is that I am a better photographer and a better person for having watched this little one grow.

We are parting ways as she learns to say our names and tell us she loves us.  It is very sad but also such a good thing.  I wish her all the best, she is going to be one fine lady.

( I can’t wait t tell you about her brother Grayson).

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