Getting MY family photos taken

Once or twice a year I put myself in your shoes and sign us up for family photos.  Sometimes I hire photographer friends, often I hire “a pro” I do not know to see what is out there. I look for mini shoots comparable to the ones I offer, sign up and see what happens.

I am often anxious about my daughter doing well (19mo here), I worry about the dog and concern myself about what I wear (and how it will look with what the rest of the crew is wearing).  Things I should be OK with by now, but, UGH!  I am not thrilled about any of it, but I do it.  AND this year I thought we had it together.  We arrived clean, rested, fed and ready to go with about 10 minutes to spare.  Even the dog had been walked!

AND… this session was a bust.

The photographer was 45 minutes late (who does that)! This meant we were at the park, in the heat, for almost an hour.  By the time we started it was fast approaching my daughter’s nap time and my husband needed to get to work (stressed was seeping in).  AND, then there are our faces.  The large delay meant the sun was higher in the sky and it was getting very bright (see squinty husband).  My daughter smiles all day, even when she is being troublesome… we only got one very hard earned one here.  She was hungry and ready to go.  Even the dog was over it by then.

If you can ignore that, the edits are overexposed/washed out so the files lack the color depth and quality I am used to (see images below).   My daughter is wearing a pink and green dress and my husband is a redhead but even he is not that orange.  I don’t even want to show you the black and whites.  I will leave it there.

Even with all of this, I am glad we did it. I learned more about my business, my profession AND feel assured that what I offer is a steal and a great value.

We did our part and that is all I can do.  Better luck next time!

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