Giving Back in Park Hill

You ever met a person that just flat out impressed you, by expressing their opinion?  On anything?

Well I have and her name is Tisa.  We met in the Park Hill book group and I have been in awe of her ever since.  She is inspiring and engaging, calm and grounded.  Though she does not want nor need attention, she gets it because people want to hear her perspective.  She does not want to be a leader, but like bubbles in an ocean wave, she pushes us all forward.

And now there is this.  A “do good” project to bring horticulture therapy to the residents within our neighborhood assisted living center.  This gathering was about prepping the dirt to turn this small urban garden into a spot the residents can  maintain and enjoy.  While the skies were forlorn, we managed to get an hour of work in before they opened up.  Here are a few quick shots of the group!

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