Hashtag, what!

I am just old enough that hashtags don’t really make any sense to me.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and many other social networking spinoffs were developed when my career had already begun.  The internet kicked off while I was in college, and I am in my mid thirties.  Things have changed fast.

I blog.  I post to facebook and it posts to twitter (I realise that is not ideal).  My instagram is more personal images, making it different from my work and giving you chance to get to know me (and my style) better.  I try and post my own pins to Pinterest and spend time in there repinning others.  It is mostly fun, but I think I am doing it all wrong.

So, while I need to go back to the drawing board, I thought I would share a few times from an article at The Modern Connection.  I hope it helps you!

Here are three things you should know about  Pinterest hashtags that are different from other social networks.

1. First and foremost, Hashtags are ONLY clickable in a Pin description. Putting them in your username, “about” section, or in board titles is pointless.

2. Just like with other social networks, hashtags act as a keyword to bring all of the Pins using that same hashtag together. However, Pinterest hashtags are most effective when they’re unique to your brand.

General hashtags are too broad and bring in all kinds of interesting search results, most of which don’t even have the hashtag you’re searching for in the description (I’ll explain that in the next tip).

Using a unique hashtag, such as #TMCSocialMedia, will help track some of your Pins, but we don’t recommend using Pinterest hashtags as your only way to measure awareness, sentiment or analytics.

3. Pinterest search doesn’t support hashtags. Notice how when you search a hashtag, such as #puppies, Pins with the word “puppies” in the description will show up in the results, but so do Pins that have the word “puppies” hidden in the URL/Photo name/product page tied to the Pin. It’s important to consider this when naming your product pages and  images, or when you’re linking a pin back to your website URL.

Now that you have some insight into how to use hashtags on Pinterest, do you plan on using them more, or less in your Pinterest Marketing Strategy? Comment below and let us know!

– See more at: http://themodernconnection.com/2014/01/3-thing-you-need-to-know-about-hashtags-and-pinterest-search/#sthash.szAJ8HVB.dpuf

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