Inspiration for the non smilers

Ruby is a naturally happy little cherub with amazing cheeks and baby rolls.  Judah is the kind of kid you just know is going to be a cool guy.  He has an impressive, deep thinking face and a wise furrowed brow, which he has shown for many photo shoots.  Judah has made his parents and I earn every photo smile for years and this time around, he was feeling it (mostly).  Maybe it was the nice fall/summer day, or the great outfits, OR…  maybe it is just that having an upbeat and awesome sister makes you want to smile.  Whatever it is, I was there to capture it.  These kids are comfortable with me and I am so happy to be part of photographing their growth.
For those of you who hold off on scheduling a photoshoot because it can be hard, your child does not like the camera, or because two (or more kids) is a lot to manage… let this be your inspiration.  Sign up for a mini shoot or two and see what happens.  It could be great.  It could take a fee for us to figure each other out.  Regardless, it is worth trying, if inly for 20 minutes.
These are just a taster for this photo session, can’t wait for you to see the rest.  Thanks again Evan and Katie, as always, great to see your crew!


P o r f o l i o
I n s t a g r a m
T w e e t s
E m a i l   S i g n   U p