K+M+H {Golden Half Hour session downtown}

I spent a portion of my youth running around with Katy on the soccer field.  Many years later we reunited when I borrowed some ski equipment for my sputtering return to the mountain.  Not long after, I was thrilled to meet her man Mark where they lived and worked in Georgetown, Colorado .  I photographed their engagement session in that area before they shot off to Chicago for their nuptials.   This is a fun follow up to that… a golden half hour session in downtown Denver.

K and M are so at home with each other that you find yourself falling right into rhythm with their interactions.  Their dog is part hero life saver and part puppy model.  He worked the city as if no one was watching and charmed every smelly alley into greatness.  We started as the sun dropped and moved fast to catch interesting light and fun backgrounds.  I could not be happier with the location and this little crew.  Thanks again for giving me the opportunity!

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