Let your kids be

It’s their nature.

Authentic photos happen when you let your kids be.  They want to play, they want to run, and they want to be silly.  They also want to interact with you.  So, let’s agree to let them do all of that.  I will follow along and orchestrate what I can to put you all in the best light, with the best backgrounds and in the positions possible.  You do your best to enjoy it.  Smile, encourage, laugh and interact.   Let’s work together and see what happens.


If their hair always falls into their face a little, let it be. I’d love to capture that. If they are always putting their hands in their mouth, or using a pacifier, OK.  If they bring their lovey-blankey-dolly everywhere, let’s take a picture of that.  Let me take the shot first and then if you have to do it, adjust.  If you are keep fixing them, they start to stiffen up and go on autopilot.

You will treasure these photos.

I promise. When you look back on this lifestyle shoot, these images will mean something.  They have a storytelling quality. One HUGE advantage of shooting outside and at on-site locations is that we can move and keep things interesting.  This kind of photography gives you variety and allows everyone to relax.

It will not be ALL candid shots

Don’t worry about that.  I will encourage some shots where you are all gathered together looking and me.  The reward for a good posed shot is some silly, playful family time.

I understand.

I am not here to tell you how to parent.  I have a two year old, I was a nanny to two children for four years and I am the youngest of four.  I get it.   It is really tempting to parent kids to the point where they just stand and smile at me (fake smile, but smile).  And that is not all bad.  BUT, let’s leave a little room for personality.  You won’t regret it.

Please Remember

This is supposed to be fun.  Whatever your kids do or don’t do, I am not worried. I have been doing this since 2008, I have seen it all. Take a deep breath and remember to embrace this time.

Now send me an email and let’s get you booked.  Time flies, lets stop it, even if only for a moment.

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