Let’s talk about winter photo shoots

I shoot outdoors, year round, all around the state.  What that means for me is I get to see a lot of places and a lot of people.  This is awesome.  It also means all kinds of weather conditions and ever changing backgrounds.

I am writing this blog post to remind you of the obvious and maybe give you permission to embrace the season.  Winter photo shoots can be COLD.  I give you permission to wear coats and let your photos reflect whatever honest conditions appear on shoot day.  Hats, mittens, scarves and blankets can be fun.  Cozy, cuddly photos are special.

What is NOT ideal is pretending it is not cold.  “Warm coats off!”  Authentic smiles disappear.  Young children turn whiny in moments.  Older kids start to negotiate an out.  All kids lips quickly turn a shade of blue and noses turn red and run like facets.   Not super photogenic stuff here.  Think a lot about the idea of taking coats off for your shoot.  I am not saying don’t do it, just ask yourself, it is worth it.  Should you choose to act like it is warm when it is super cold, bring many powerful incentives and have hot chocolate waiting in the car.  Drink it as you go and I will be capturing some cute mustaches!

Other things to keep in mind are the changes you might see in the landscape.  The backgrounds can be a little softer or more one dimensional.  Leaves are gone, color has faded from whatever foliage is left.  I love that look. It says fall is over, winter is here!  This time of year is an ideal time to consider popping the colors you wear and bring props like a loose bouquet of flowers, balloons, bright furniture or whatever. Don’t wear white shirts on sunny or dull days.

Add snow.  The ground gets wet and bright.  This makes for gorgeous light but can be very challenging for those prone to squinting and eye tearing.  Should kids get wet their patience drops considerably.  Expect posing that does not have you sit and encourages lots of snuggles.  Anticipate having to adjust coats and scarves and hats out of young peoples faces so I can see their eyes… at least a little.

I actually love winter photoshoots for those who know what they signed up for.  Show and celebrate the season and the images reflect the moment.

Should you have a portrait or lifestyle session and it be TOO COLD and you want to reschedule, let’s do it.  If it is a mini shoot, tough luck.  As long as it is not snowing or super windy we will likely be going for it.  Dig deep and enjoy the Colorado seasons… or offer your spot to a friend!

Below are some photos taken one December morning on the coldest day of that year.  I had three laters on and snow pants… so did they.

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