The Long Fall: Family Photoshoot in Boulder

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”


Mini shoots in November are normally hit or miss with the weather.  They can be VERY cold, sometimes windy, and often the foliage is long gone.  NOT this year.  Colorado had an epic fall that went on weeks longer than I ever expect.  As a result, this November mini shoot looks like it could have been shot in September… lucky us!

This is my second time photographing this family of five and it was such a pleasure to see how these kids have matured.  While Dad pulled an all nighter at work, he did find time for a quick nap to help hold this crew together.  We had a lot of fun in this quick photo shoot, it is a great example of the kind of things that can be captured in 20 minutes on a nice day in Boulder.

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