Lopez Boys

Few kids look more like their parents than these two.  Gavin and Brady are a great mix of everything; they are happy, they are charming, and clearly they are cute as can be.  Gavin has figured out how to laugh in a way that pulls us all into his giggle and Brady has started to enjoy the freedom of being an older brother.  They love their parents and each other in a way that is so genuine it is ridiculous.
Meeting them both, for a second photo shoot, was a pleasure.
We started before the heat look over and shot many locations to keep the boys guessing.  Gavin braced himself along the barn and gave walking a try while Brady ran around in the grasses and decided the bridge was the place for him.  We saw unfriendly horses and charming dogs, noisy bees and annoying bugs.  All and all, a great day with a kind and loving family.
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