Mosquito Family Photos

“The most important thing in the world is family and love.” – John Wooden

This is a great example of a large family photoshoot, and an awesome gift idea.  I did each of the families, everyone together, parents with their kids, kids alone, couples and a few other groupings all in under an hour.  The kids were great spots and everyone moved things along quickly, so it can be done!

If this site looks good to you, email me and let’s get you booked.  A couple things to note, this site should not be swampy.  It is not near a major waterway and it is not a place that typically floods.  That being said, it was muddy and almost entirely covered in mosquitos.  By the end I am sure we had all been bitten 10 or more times.  I did bring bug spray but it could not compete with these hungry villans.

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