Newborn photo shoot outtakes

Newborns get more predictable the more experienced you are as a parent, and as a photographer.  I used to work as a photographer at Rose Medical Hospital in Denver and my only job was to photograph the new babies and their families.  I was hired by a start up company trying to do something unique.  At the time  it was a new concept to take lifestyle photographs, not just portraits, in the hospital.  You were not authorized to bring any props or embellishments into a patients room (for heath reasons), so, what we saw was what we got.  The sessions were squeezed between feedings, between nurse and doctor visits, and between the times patient had guests.  It was the worst possible lighting and the least important thing on the hospital staffs agenda (naturally).  That being said,  I learned a lot and was thankful for the experience.

Now I offer home photo shoots for all of my newborn sessions (their home or mine).   If you have more than one kiddo, part of my job is making sure the older kids feel included and important.  I get them into shots early and often encourage them to participate by singing to and kissing their new buddy.  I also give them breaks to play or snack while we do some shots with their new little sibling.

In the shoot featured below, the 2 year old girl wanted to be held like her little sister and was very curious to see her baby sister in a basket (she was once in for a newborn session years ago).  When her sister cried, mom soothed the newbie and the older child took a moment to watch a program with dad.  We keep things moving and take breaks when anyone needs to.  These sessions are precious.  More previews in the next post!

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