Original clients, always original images {Newborn photoshoot}

I always love seeing this family and telling you about the bond they share and how we met.  They were one of my very first clients, when their oldest was just a baby and had just started sitting up.  Since then, they have had two more awesome kiddos, changed a house and a job or two.  Life keeps getting better for this crew, as you can see.  This session was done on a warm and unique February day so we were able to pop in and out.  You can see how the oldest holds her siblings together, how the middle child hugs (aka head bumps), and how the baby boy defines his position in the family with a tiny whimper.  He loves his family, already, and found that looking at his Dad was the most fascinating thing he’d seen in his tiny little world… so far.

I can see the change in my own business when looking at the photos that cover their walls.  I have been truly blessed to have this family in my mix.

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