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ren·di·tion  (rÄ›n-dÄ­sh’É™n)    n.  
   1. the act of rendering.
   2. an interpretation.
   3. a performance.
   4. an interpretive translation.

Rendition Studios is a boutique photography collection.  The “Studios” are broken into general photography classifications; Children’s Photography, Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, Boudoir Photography, and Real Estate Photography.

Contrary to what some think the name Rendition Studios means, I do not shoot in a traditional studio.  Ever.  I decided a long time ago to avoid a “studio setup” because the processed images are just not my style.  I am attracted to authentic, lifestyle photography that is best captured in environments that reflect who my clients are.  I shoot year round, outdoor and indoor, at locations all around Colorado… and Seattle, and San Fran, and Naples, New Orleans, and Santa Fe… and where ever anyone asks me.  Call or email and lets something up!



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