one year old, and afraid of a balloon

“Babies are always more trouble than you thought – and more wonderful.”   ~ Charles Osgood

Baby Sloan is keen on her parents, and her grandparents, and swinging and crawling… and a million other things that are not balloons.  Who would have thought.  They are light and bouncy, colorful and cheap… therefore, pretty much made for young children.  But Sloan was not into it.  Each time she saw the #1 balloon, she would hold tight to the closest relative and cry out.  Being the great adult figures we are, we snuck it in a few shots when she was not looking.  But, she found it (see below).  There is a strong possibility she will be slightly scarred, but it was worth it 🙂

Thank you to the B family for having me there to celebrate and capture such a special time in your daughters life.  All the best to you in the new year!’

Bulston_F011-LR Bulston_F013-LR Bulston_F016-LR Bulston_F018-LR Bulston_F022-LR Bulston_F023-LR Bulston_F026-LR Bulston_F030-LR Bulston_F041-LR Bulston_F042-LR Bulston_F053-LR Bulston_F061-LR Bulston_F063-LR Bulston_F068-LR Bulston_F072-LR Bulston_F074-LR Bulston_F082-LR Bulston_F088-LR

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