Each one has their opinion on what is best.  Whether you listen to them because they have done this for decades or because they are a top pick on the, you need to know what is right for you.  Some celebrate the art of aging, some enjoy telling the story of your life in an authentic way.  Some are traditionalists and shoot with film, many of us have evolved to the digital world and shoot as photojournalists.  In some cases all candid shots are posed to tell that day’s special story, it seems wrong but no one knows the difference when they look at your images, it is your little secret. I have met photographers who say you must show hands in all photos and others who believe you should never tilt the camera.  There are many rules you could follow but when it boils down to it, being a good photographer means finding your own voice.  Being an ideal client means letting the photographers voice come through.  While I listen to the guidelines and learn the technical aspects of this career…. mostly I just follow my instincts and shoot.  My rendition of your event shines through and the creativity I come by naturally comes out.  See what happens!

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