Best job? Most of the time

Laurie Callahan 3.7.14-38

Since starting this business in 2008, I have had some funny happenings, challenging techies and frightening anecdotes.  There was the time the kid drank his entire water bottle then turned and spit it all over me, on purpose.  This was the start of a mini shoot day and the same day I sat in glass (luckily that was at my last session, it was painful).  There as the adorable newborn who pooped through their cloth diaper AND my photo blanket, into my lap.  I’ve witnessed (and photographed) two bridesmaids pass out in the heat of their separate Colorado wedding ceremonies.  What could I do.  There was the horse stampede at the wedding in Eagle where an entire wedding party was thrown from the carriage (all were miraculously OK).  Years later, that made the goat eating the bottom of the bride’s dress in Lyons sort of hilarious.

I wore two different shoes to one session and had a button burst on my blouse at another (that shirt had to go!).  At one session, I missed a boulder when jumping over a creek and barely saved my gear… but ended up with my pants soaked and a huge bruise on my shin.  I no longer jump creeks.

My cameras have each taken a turn at shutting down without reason and two of my memory cards have decided NOT to give up their pictures.  All of these things were eventually solved, though some equipment has not stood the test of time.

The weather is my friend some days, my enemy others.  I’ve shot the coldest day of the year (The Tomlinsons will remember that one) and on a true sauna day at 115.  I’ve been rained and snowed out only a handful of times, luckily.

On average, three to four clients a year decide to become photographers, professional is a loose term here.  Just as many of my photographer friends drop out of the business every year.  I wish them well and keep on pushing forward.

Mostly, these are embarrassing photographs stories and things I have had to smile my way through.  I hope sharing them made you see, it can be the best job but it’s not ALL fun and games as a photographer.

(thank you to Emily at Keeping Composure photography for this photo).

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