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Print Advice for those of you choosing the low res option with mini shoots.If you choose the low res option, you will get files no larger than 5MBs.  The RAW files are exported as 300ppi JPGs for glossy print paper, at a standard sharpness.  The colors is set to sRBG which means it will look good on screen and in print.  The file sizes (for this low res option) mean you should not print larger than 8×10 and you should do little or no cropping at this size.  The lower resolution files also means that there is less data contained in the images, which can also have an effect on your color when printing.  Colors will not be as deep or saturated.

Should you choose the maximum resolution option, you get the maximum file size I shoot and export.  Everything else is the same as above, other than the all important file size.  The JPGs are still exported sRBG and are not reduced in size at export.  This will give you the option to crop when printing AND it should also result in more color depth at print.

I shoot with both a D700 and a D7000 at mini shoots.

This link explains some of these concepts much better than I can:
Design215 Toolbox – Photography Printing Guide – DPI vs PPI

This is also a discussion I recommend:


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