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On becoming, and staying, a professional photographer.

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Every once and awhile I catch myself, literally, in my clients eyes.  First I always think, “who is that”…. then I zoom in.  Oh of course, it’s me.  And secondly, that person looks like a pro.  It took me a long time to “look the part” and even more so, to embody what that means,

“ Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. — Henri Cartier-Bresson

I still look back on images I took that first  year, or two or three, and see my struggles but also the beauty.  I was proud to be chasing my dream and putting my work out there.  BUT, those top images were more research to compose, finding my ideal settings was challenging, resulting images were harder to edit and I spent countless hours sitting at my computer (for little money).   Though at times it can be peaks and valleys, my work HAS gotten better and each drop is still higher than I was a year ago.  For that I pat myself on the back, and keep working to learn.

“It can be a trap of the photographer to think that his or her best pictures were the ones that were hardest to get. — Timothy Allen — On editing photos

I shoot on site, whatever location it might be, all year.  That means I am seeing new light, new backgrounds, new distractions, and new clients within these spaces…. each time.  even at sites I know.  That can be a challenge.  What is not is my instincts.  As I have gained experience, I have become more able to shoot the images that matter without completely overshooting a session and drowning myself in edits.  I see the light and my clients differently.  I direct things with more ease adn more purpose.  It is both easier and more of a challenge because I need and want to stay inspired.

Since starting this business in 2008, I have to keep reinventing and digging deep into my creativity.  It is there, always.  It just gets buried in the admin sometimes.  “ You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper. — William Albert Allard

I am working on that now.  I love this profession and the people I have met because of it.  As I approach my maternity leave, I ponder my next steps and dream of being even better at what I do.  This work remains meaningful to me and I intend to keep doing it.

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