Why I shoot Nikon

The year I left Chicago and quit working as an urban planner, I went to Europe for three months.  I started the trip in Amsterdam, chartered a sail boat and saw the Greek islands and eventually worked my way down and around to Italy, Spain, England and France.  While there are a million stories I could tell you, this post is about Nikon so here we go.

I was traveling with the original Nikon Coolpix.  This was before I knew much about what i wanted to be, but I knew I loved this camera.  My parents had given it to me as a birthday present in college and it was a huge hit. The lens flipped around, forward and back, and took the first selfies where you could see the screen while you took a pic.  This camera surveyed many CU Boulder parities, ski trips, boating adventures and all else before taking an awful fall in Florence.  I was with two friends in our hotel room, getting ready to go out for the night and we set up a fabulous portrait of our traveling student, sexy italian look.  As the camera went click, it also suddenly fell forward.  I ran to it but it was to late, the poor thing did not survive Europe and never took another picture.

At that point, meeting the CEO of Nikon in Tuscany did not feel like an accident.  I was a few days after my prize camera had broken, we were at dinner in Siena.  My friend LeAnna and I were eating something saucy and wonderful (and likely laughing a lot) when she suddenly shot a piece of food out of her mouth and onto a neighboring table.   Her first instinct was to hdd under the table, which she did and was immediately hidden by the white table cloth (it was that kind of restaurant).  I was left, red faced and alone, at the large round table when the man who encountered LeAnna’s projectile, turned and looked our way.  I quickly said “Bonjourno!” and volunteered that it was my friend, not me, whose food was on his table.  He sort of laughed and when we realized we were all americans, he began telling us about his life in California and the two daughters he and back at home.  We bonded and when we departed that night, I had his card.  Weeks later I had my first Nikon D200.

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