Shooting mid day in Colorado

“Everything you can imagine is real.”  ― Pablo Picasso

As luck would have it, the only time that worked to photograph these two was 12:30pm.  That is obviously mid day and you might know, I almost never shoot then.  There are a lot of light challenges and in Colorado, it can also be very hot.  BUT, these two were adults.  They were visiting for a wedding and they had some good looking duds, so, we made it work.

IF this is you, please take note on what to wear.

  • Avoid wearing white. It is bright and will wash out your face and throw a lot of light on to your partners.
  • No hats. The shade on your face will mean I cant see you at all.  I shoot natural light and to expose for your shaded face and your partners unshaded face would create a nightmare lighting scenario.
  • Come with layers
  • Be prepared to put your hair up.
  • Take off your sunglasses and leave them in the car.  The sooner you adjust to the light, the better.  IF you keep taking them on and off you will end up squinting, and often forgetting your glasses somewhere along the route.

We will be following the light, and searching for large scale shade.  As when shooting any time of day, the backgrounds you get will be based on how the light works at that time.

All and all, I think we did great.  (Even got the super cute mom in a few!)

Want to book this location or learn more about a photoshoot?  Email me and let’s get you set up.


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