Simple tricks for taking good pictures of your family

three siblings kissing

There are many things we can all do better when taking family photographs.  These images end up in slideshows, printed and hung on walls, and digitally they are around forever.  So often they are rushed and people are just trying to get it done.  Take a moment when you are the family photographer and really set it up, this will make a world of difference!

1.  LOCATION:  Always look for interesting and complimentary backgrounds.  When there are none, crop tight and bring everyones faces in together.  Make sure to put the groups back to the sun and turn on your flash.  Avoid things protruding out of peoples heads, like telephone poles or light posts.

2.  COMPOSITION:  If you can take an interesting and well composed photograph, it will stand the test of time.  Don’t just shoot standing up, make sure and squat, get on something high, and shoot from both sides.

3. POSITIONING:  The more you adjust people, the more awkward they can get.  Set the shot up and then walk away.  That being said, it is important to watch hands and make sure that you have the person’s best angle facing the camera.  Very few people look good when shot head on, if you can turn their faces and watch for proportion queues, this will help.  If you do not see two hands in a portrait, people look for it.  Make both hands visible.

4.  FOCUS:  Sounds simple enough but you would not believe how many photos are out of focus.  They are all over facebook and often framed at peoples homes, ahh!  The main way to avoid this with your point and shoot is to take your time when pushing down the shutter and to hold the camera still.  When the light is low make sure your flash is on or your camera will compensate in other ways that will certainly make your images blurry.

5.  SHARPEN:  Every digital photograph needs to be sharpened.  Over doing it will make your images look rough and show off each pixel, when you do it right the eyes can pop and the features you would like to enhance are there.

mother daughter photo
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