Site scouting {Loveland}

As a result of my profession(s), I am always looking for new and interesting places to take portraits.

What am I looking for?  To start they need to be public spaces with bathrooms and parking.  After that I hope for the site to be oriented so my clients have their backs to the light and in a spot with shade options.  There must also be multiple, unique shoot locations within a short walk (this is important!) and the site should require NO additional permitting.  If I can I also avoid busy locations or places known to be windy.

How do I find new spots?   (1) One way is through photographers peers on group forums, social networking pages or in direct conversations.  (2) Another by watching and saving the locations people tag on social media.  If they take a photo and the spot looks interesting I might write that person and ask some questions, or just head out to see it myself.  (3) I also love to study aerial photography.  I can learn about where the parking is, what kind of parking it is (surface, street, small lot, large lot, busy), where the bathroom is, see where the start spot is in relation to the lighting and then note these things when I suggest it for a shoot.  (4) Lastly, I am always looking.  Whenever we go somewhere I am staring out the window and searching the area for what could work.  I keep a running list and aim to photograph a few each season.

While I have travelled a bunch in between life commitments, I will never feel like I have seen it all in our great state.  If you have a spot you think I should check out for a mini shoot location OR for your next portrait shoot, email me ASAP so I can get it on the books.

The location featured below is in west Loveland.  I hope to get back there next fall, 2018.   These shots were taken on a rainy and overcast day, I can only imagine how it shines when the sun is out.

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