The essence of successful Real Estate Photography

It takes quite a few shots to create a memorable image.  In Real Estate photography you need to create more than that, the image needs to lead buyers to dream about what their life could be if they stepped into the listed property.  They need to look at something 2 dimensional and see it in 3D, they need to take a flyer and put it in their pocket, then go home and call their realtor.  They need to look beyond the price tag and vision something more for themselves.

While I can not control the MLS standards for Real Estate Photography, I can shoot within their constraints and still make a listing shine.   On site I am going to be climbing on things to get the best angle, I will be bracketing my shots and I will use these different exposures to create depth, intensity and an overall higher image.  When appropriate I use HDR photography to give the images a more vivid and detailed look .  This is more than they are used to seeing in photography, it will compare to what they have come to expect on their HDR TV screens.  This investment in quality will be apparent to those looking at the flyer, website, or listing and it will open the door to a sale.

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