The evolution of a Logo

None of us really know what we are doing.  I am not a writer or an accountant but I do my best at both.  Most photographers learn while they are doing something.  We make mistakes and we get better.  Errors and shots we would have taken a few years ago do not happen as often now.  Looking back through my portfolio I can attest to that.
In terms of branding, we have to keep evolving.  Some will tell you that it is best to pick a look and stay with that forever.  I tried that route and it ate at me.  I need my logo to move in the direction I am heading and change as I do.  I hope it gets to the point where it feels DONE but I can not imagine when that will be.  My business continues to shift slightly every year and that is how I like it.  I am an artist and a free soul, if I do the same thing every day I become bored and restless.  I work hard to make sure that it does not happen often.
My branding and my company reflects who I am.
As you can see in the few examples I have pasted below, things have changed since I opened my company in 2008.  I come from a background in architecture and that is clear in my first stamps.  I move back and forth between a flowing font and a more structured text.  It is still hard to decide which I like more.  Sometimes it is neither!
Function dictates how things look.  My logo needs to be visible when placed over an image, when on stationary, at the top of an envelope, on a T-shirt,  facebook page or whatever.  It has to read in black and white and in color.  It has to be legible.
I hope for a logo that is recognizable and timeless.  I will get there!
2011 most recent watermark and logo in white
2011 most recent watermark and logo in black
2011 stamp for website navigation between different “studio” links


2011 stamp for website navigation between different “studio” links


2011 stamp for website navigation between different “studio” links

2011 stamp for Rendition Studios


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