The Moments Between

When I sort through family photographs from decades past, one thing seems clear.  My family only printed the images where the family had it together enough to turn and smile at the camera.  There are 4 kids in my clan so I am sure that moment of bliss was a struggle to capture, but there it is printed and in the book.  We were perfect little angels.  Lost are the shots of tantrums and parental bargaining before this camera click, there is only one print of that perfect and pristine “moment”.  But, it is the moments between that shine and reflect back emotions.   (Below is a family photo where I am hanging on my sister Amy and my other sister sits nearby.)

254282_447879685289816_391805741_nAs a photographer, I look for these glimpses into my clients lives. The ones where you are adjusting your husbands tie, he is helping your hair settle in the wind. The images where your newborn baby is crying with full force and the you are trying with the full bag of tricks to make her smile, just for that one “moment” … this is the image that you want printed as an 8×10 on your wall. Each of these photographs have value, but the story of the day and the story of a family is told in all of the images together. This is why a collection of digital photos is so great. Set up a slideshow on your computer and let it run whenever you computer falls asleep. The images have life and longevity if you let them.


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